We sell farms, agricultural land and houses in the villages of Russia

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Welcome to the website of the Russian Land and Agrarian Corporation!

Our corporation has competencies and specialists in the field of Russian legislation (land and migration lawyers), agro realtors, business brokers. Our team has specialists and experts who will help solve any problems of foreign investors or farmers, we help foreign farmers buy Russian agricultural land to develop their business in Russia. Our realtors will select for you a land plot within 100 hectares in the south of Russia, 250 hectares in the center of Russia or 400 hectares in the North-West region of Russia. Our lawyers will provide legal support for the purchase of agricultural land, a farm, a house or any other real estate in Russia. We will check the documents of the land owner and register your company in accordance with the legislation of Russia. Also, the specialists of our company can help organize the search for personnel (tractorists, agranoms, livestock specialists), organize the purchase of agricultural equipment, obtain loans, subsidies or agricultural equipment on lease. Also, our experts can advise you in the field of agriculture – soil, crop yields, production of food products necessary in Russia and their price segment. If you did not find information on our website and you still have questions, fill out the request form or you can write to us by e-mail: working-business@mail.ru

Our company provides services for the sale of land plots for agricultural production, livestock farms, agricultural enterprises and houses in villages in Russia.

We help you with consultations and full-cycle support for legal and realtor support of the transaction when buying an agro-industrial enterprise or a house.

Sale of agricultural land in Russia.

Lawyers and realtors of our company offer foreign citizens a full range of services for the purchase and sale of land in Russia.

  • Land plots for livestock and agricultural land;
  • Land plots for housing, storage and processing of agricultural products;
  • Search for investment land plots;
  • Investment asset management;
  • Consultations on the choice of the region and the growth of the necessary crops;
  • Checking the land plot for the presence of mortgages, encumbrances and land disputes;
  • Legal support of purchase and sale transactions;
  • Protection of property rights of foreign citizens.

Sale of farms and agricultural enterprises in Russia

Our company will help you find the right object for purchase, conduct an audit, achieve the best price and complete a sale and purchase transaction.

  • Operating livestock farms;
  • Non-operating livestock farms;
  • Operating agricultural enterprises;
  • Non-operating collective farms after the collapse of the USSR;
  • Processors of agricultural products;

Setting up an agricultural business in Russia!

We will create an agricultural, manufacturing or trading company for your needs. We will assist in attracting personnel, purchasing equipment and starting a business. We will help you buy a stake in a ready-made agricultural business.

  • Agricultural production of agricultural crops;
  • Livestock farms;
  • Growing and processing of medicinal plants;
  • Processing of agricultural products;
  • Sale of agricultural products for export from Russia;
  • We will help to buy or create agrotouristic and ethno-tourist companies, as well as hunting farms;
  • Management of agricultural enterprises, development of your business and protection of property rights of foreign citizens.

Sale of houses in the village or villas in Russia

  • Checking the property;
  • Assessment of its value;
  • Maintenance of the transaction for the purchase and sale of an object;
  • Registration in the name of a foreign citizen of a real estate object (houses in the countryside or villas).

Marketing services

We can provide the following services for an additional payment to our clients:

  • Formation of reports on individual branches of agriculture in Russia;
  • Collecting information and providing reports on pricing and market potential;
  • Development of business plans for a client to open an agricultural business in Russia;
  • Obtaining loans and government support in the form of grants and subsidies.

Legal services

  • Legal and financial audit of enterprises in Russia;
  • Legal support for your business in Russia;
  • Registration of agricultural and commercial enterprises;
  • Creation of a database of contracts for doing business;
  • Negotiating and concluding contracts on your terms and on your behalf;
  • Legal representation in courts and government bodies;
  • Protection of property rights of foreign citizens.