Sale of a sheep farm in Russia

  • Property type: Sale of farms and greenhouses in Russia


Fully computerized and mechanized sheep farm for sale in Russia. This is a ready-made business for an entrepreneur. The farm was built to the best European standards. The farm has a land plot with an area of ​​100000 sq. M, well-groomed and fertile land, giving 3-4 mows of forage grasses or up to 300 tons of green mass from 10000 sq. M.

The plot is supplied with light and water. All premises are privately owned.

The farm has production and storage facilities:

  1. Sheep premises – 4 pieces.
  2. Feed housing – 1 piece.
  3. Building for young animals -1 piece.
  4. Dwelling house of a farmer – 1 piece.
  5. Additional one-storey premises, workshops – 4 pieces.
  6. 6.Angar for storage and repair of agricultural machinery – 1 piece.
  7. Parking lot, 2 paved.
  8. There is an asphalt road to the farm.

Technique and equipment:

The farm has more than 10 units of agricultural machinery with all the necessary equipment for harvesting forage grasses and forming large volumes of hay. The capacity of the farm is 600 sheep, the farm was built according to the project in accordance with the requirements of SNiP “Livestock, poultry and fur-breeding buildings and premises”.

  1. Car GAZ 32213
  2. Passenger car Chevrolet Niva 212300-55.
  3. Forage harvester Maral 125 E-281.
  4. Disc mower KDT 300
  5. Tractor Belarus-82.1 2013 (53 NU 4602)
  6. Rake-tedders tractor trailed KWT KRONE.
  7. Cultivator KBM-8P universal.
  8. Grass header SH42
  9. Roll grinder RIDD 807.
  10. Tractor ATM 5280 2014 PSM BE 709854 (53 NU 2696)

The production site consists of:

  1. Two boxes for sheep.
  2. Sheep shearing building
  3. Building for raising sheep;
  4. Building for young animals.

The service building is completely collapsible, made of galvanized metal, three-layer metal panels with insulation from polyisocyanurate foam. The building has LED lighting fixtures that provide energy savings of up to 50%.

The modern farm includes:

Land fund 100000 sq.

Buying a sheep farm is a good acquisition for a business in Russia.