Sale of reservoirs, ponds, lakes in Russia

Russia is a country with more than 73,000 lakes, about a million large and small ponds and hundreds of thousands of large and small rivers.
But the rivers belong to the State, and they can be rented for coastal banks and river waters. Quite different legislation on ponds, more than 70% of ponds are located privately, most of these ponds are stocked and the owners of these ponds are engaged in fish farming and selling them to shops and restaurants. About 15% of small lakes of no federal significance are also privately owned.

Our company has a base of 30 such objects, we can offer you fish, oyster, mussel farms or ponds and lakes for the construction of a beautiful estate or farm. Contact our company with inquiries, form your wishes: which region, how many hectares of water area do you want, what is the budget for your purchase.
And our realtors will answer you within 24 hours to your request.

Welcome to Russia – the country of clean lakes, large forests and emerald foothills of Altai and the Urals.